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BCF Capabilities
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BCF Capabilities

World’s largest economy strengthens

What Sets Us Apart

With more than 250 employees, BCF provides quality program management, business management, analysis services, scientific solutions, and professional services that integrate the technical, operational, programmatic, and policy aspects for the Federal Government and a diverse range of commercial clientele. We are the Government leaders in life-cycle facility management. We reduce costs and improve performance for our customers through technical enhancement, process improvement, quality assurance, and collaboration.

Solution Management0%
Solution Implementation0%
Improving Business Performance0%
Streamlining Operations0%

Program/Project Management


Engineering Support & Contract Administration


Financial & Earned Value Management


Estimate Variance Costs & At-Completion Analyses

Dedicated to serving our customers around the World

  • Increased Client Satisfaction

  • Continual Improvement

  • Improved Business Performance

  • Streamlined Operations

  • Minimization of Waste

Acquisition Management:

  • Acquisition management – SOW, SOO, RFP development
  • Contract management, administration, and source selection
  • Acquisition life cycle management reviews and oversight
  • Program Management support
  • Program integration, planning, and control (PP&C)
  • Scheduling, IMS analyses, critical path, and schedule risk analyses

Cost Estimating:

  • Estimations and excursions
  • Model development
  • Risk analyses
  • Cost and budget integration
  • Baseline assessments
  • ACEIT, Crystal Ball, SEER-Sem, Cocomo, Excel-based models

Document Management/Briefing Preparation:

  • Senior level staff presentations, white papers, and studies
  • Creating, managing, and coordinating program documentation
  • Supporting and supplementing technical and programmatic goals
  • Maintaining stringent DOD or equivalent standards

Estimate Variance Costs & At-Completion Analyses:

  • Schedule Analyses / Critical Path Analysis
  • Performance Measurement Baseline (PMB) and Integrated
  • Master Schedule (IMS) Comparison
  • IMS and Resource Load/Verification EVM Contract Final Close Out Support
  • Certified wInsight Training

Contract Administration:

  • Statement of Work (SOW) & Statement of Objectives Development
  • Contracting Office Support
  • Independent Cost Estimate Preparation & Administration
  • Prepare Solicitations
  • Processes Governance
  • Maintain Task Orders, delivery orders & modifications
  • Certified Contract Professional Manager

Earned Value Management:

  • Increased Client Satisfaction
  • EVM Systems Implementation Reviews
  • Integrated Baseline Reviews (IBR)
  • Cost Analyses and Reporting
  • Handbook/Guide Development
  • IBR Training, Conduct, Baseline Maintenance Support
  • Analyses and Reporting using the Automated wInsight Suite

Financial and Budget Analysis

  • Complete federal budget cycle support
  • Updating and tracking program plans and schedules
  • Preparing and tracking financial and budgetary data
  • Strategic budgetary planning
  • DoD Agencies WAWF invoice review, audit, and processing
  • Invoice resolution coordination with DFAS

Project Management Support

  • Project Management & Controls
  • Complex Scheduling and Cost Estimating
  • Earned Value Management
  • Construction Management
  • Risk Management
  • Project Management Software Implementation / Integration
  • Business Management Processes
  • Performance Measurement
  • Procedure Development
  • Document Management
  • Quality Management
  • Communications
  • Organizational Effectiveness

System Integration / Fabrication

Our electronic communications are scalable and customized to be integrated with a number of systems:

  • Facility Systems
  • Mobile Systems
  • Portable Systems
  • Transit Case Systems
  • Single Equipment
  • Single Component