Triad Division

Project: ITER Nuclear Fusion Reactor
ITER Organization
Funded by: US Department of Energy & International Domestic Agencies
Project Overview:
ITER is a joint international research and development project located in Cadarache, France that aims to demonstrate the scientific and technical feasibility of fusion power. The aim of ITER is to demonstrate how fusion can be used to generate electrical power to design and operate the first electricity-producing fusion plant.

Clients Challenge:
Fusion has the potential to play an important role as part of a future energy mix for our planet. It has the capacity to produce energy on a large scale, using plentiful fuels, and releasing no carbon dioxide or other greenhouse gases.

ITER will generate 500 MW of fusion power for extended periods of time, ten times more than the energy input needed to operate it.

ITER will also test a number of key technologies, including heating, control, diagnostic and remote maintenance that will be needed for real fusion power station.

Triad’s Solution:
Triad Project Management was selected to develop schedules and project controls to coordinate this logistically difficult, international R&D project. Triad relocated several of its senior resources to Cadarache, France, and the team developed detailed schedules in conjunction with the engineers from seven Domestic Agencies (located in Europe, Korea, Russia, China, Korea, Japan, India and the United States) to coordinate the development, assembly, installation, and test of ITER fusion reactor. Triad provides resources and though leadership in the following areas:
    • Project Controls
    • Schedule development & Maintenance

New cost estimate and schedule delivered on-time and project team in-place.