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Learning Management System
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Learning Management System


BCF Policy Statement:

BCF considers their employees to be its most important resource. Employee satisfaction in the workplace is essential to our combined success. It is our goal to help each employee grow and develop to their full capacity. We actively encourage our supervisors to be responsive to the goals, needs, and concerns of the employees who work for them, as well as nurture and integrate those goals and needs with those of BCF.


Employees, with supervisor approval, must demonstrate that the course benefits the employee professionally, is relevant to job performance, and BCF’s business. In many cases, managers will identify coursework that would enhance our employees’ ability to better serve their customers.


Employment with BCF is at-will and there is no probationary period. Each person’s employment is for no specific term. The company or employee may terminate the employment relationship at any time, and for any reason, with or without cause.

Training and Education:

The objective of any training or education program is to assist employees in enhancing or obtaining new skills that the employees can use in their jobs. BCF wants to ensure that the investment made in the employees is also beneficial to the company; therefore, employees are expected to remain employed with BCF for at least one year after receiving tuition assistance. If an employee leaves BCF (either voluntary or involuntary) within one year of completing a course(s), then the employee is required to reimburse BCF the amount of assistance provided during the previous 12-months.

Career Path:

BCF Solutions is committed to maximizing the opportunities for its employees. Employees are hired because they have the educational background and job experience to perform a task for one of our customers. Each employee is encouraged to exceed the expectations of the customer, learn new skills by actively participating on the various projects and teams you support and continuously further their education.


The Learning Management System will allow employees to: more fully develop their knowledge and skills to improve performance in their current positions; access other learning modules to develop new skills; and access a number of leadership/supervisory development learning modules to make themselves more competitive for promotion opportunities should they arise.


The vast majority of BCF business stems from winning contracts for specified work for a finite period of time. The period of a contract varies but usually lasts from two to five years. BCF places employees on the contract with specific skill sets. These skill sets cover a wide range of labor categories. Some technical skills are not easily transferrable from one position to another. e.g. a Primavera Scheduler may not easily transfer to an Acquisition Analyst position; or a CAD Operator might not easily transfer to a Budget Analyst Position.


The Labor Categories on a contract are usually fixed for the duration of the contract and our customers expect all labor categories to be filled with people who have the required skill sets and serve at the contracted price. The customer desires stability.

BCF competes for contracts with hundreds of other businesses. To maintain its competitive edge, BCF is committed to providing job related training and professional development opportunities that increase the employees knowledge and skills. And, as in all organizations, BCF has some turnover and occasionally opportunities for advancement do arise.


BCF prefers to promote from internal resources if a current employee qualifies and the customer approves. We must emphasize that we are customer focused, and frequently the customer is not willing to give up a skilled, high performing support contractor for BCF internal promotion opportunities.


BCF strongly prefers to promote organic resources to supervisory positions and we attempt to staff the program manager with available internal resources, if such a person is available.


For a quick (15 minute) orientation of the system, click here.


Access to the system is available using the link and credentials below:


Email: Your organization provided email address

Password: learning123