Triad Division

Project: Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO)
Project Overview:
LIGO is a pioneering effort to design and construct a cutting edge scientific facility – a gravitational wave observatory that will crate a new observational tool by which to observe the universe.

Clients Challenge:
Initially, a new LIGO management team needed to re-baseline the cost estimate and schedule for the project for NSF review. Following approval, the LIGO team needed to quickly deploy staff with highly specialized scientific and engineering talent in order to achieve the projects’ aggressive schedule goals.

Triad’s Solution:
Triad quickly brought in a cost estimating team to develop a “bottoms up” re-estimate of the project for the new LIGO management. This was completed in an aggressive four month period. Following the re-estimate, TRIAD developed and fully integrated a cost and schedule control system for LIGO to meet the needs of both internal management and NSF requirements. To meet the rigorous staff requirements, TRIAD deployed some of the most specialized and difficult to find technical talent in the U.S. including an expert opto-mechanical engineer, several scientific software engineers and others.

New cost estimate and schedule delivered on-time and project team in-place.