Triad Division

Project: Large Synoptic Survey Telescope (LSST)
Research Corporation, Department of Energy & National Science Foundation
Project Overview:
The Large Synoptic Survey Telescope (LSST) is an 8.4 meter ground-based optical telescope that will provide digital imaging of astronomical objects. LSST is anticipated to cost roughly $300 million dollars. Through its Partner Institutions, LSST has engaged more than one hundred astronomers, physicists, and engineers through out the country who see LSST as the next big leap in charting the heavens.

Clients Challenge:
The three billion pixel camera will take a digital picture of the sky every 10 seconds. The telescope will cover the available sky every three nights, opening a movie-like window on objects that change or move. It will open up the “time domain” to astronomy by mapping the entire sky deeply, rapidly, and continuously. The greatest advances to come from LSST are thus almost surely un anticipated.

Triad’s Solution:
Triad Project Management joined the LSST team in 2005. Our staff has been tasked with the development of the Project Execution Plan (PEP) and a detailed cost estimate for LSST. Both the PEP and a detailed cost estimate will be needed in order to obtain the much needed support and funding from both their private and public partners. This phase is critical for LSST, and Triad is more than ready for the challenge. Triad provides resources in the following areas:
   • Cost/Scheduling Analysis
   • Cost Estimating/Pricing
   • Project Management System Development
   • Proposal Development Support

New cost estimate and schedule delivered on-time and project team in-place.