Triad Division

Project: National Ecological Observatory Network (NEON)
Project Overview:
A collaboration of over 15 universities and the American Institute of Biological Sciences needed to compete for an award to create the Coordinating Consortium and Project Office for the NSF’s NEON initiative. NEON will be a continental scale research instrument consisting of geographically distributed infrastructure, networked via state-of-the-art communications. Cutting-edge lab and field instrumentation, site-based experimental infrastructure, natural history archive facilities and/or computational, analytical and modeling capabilities, linked via a computational network will comprise NEON. NEON will transform ecological research by enabling studies on major environmental challenges at regional to continental scales.

Clients Challenge:
The collaboration and sponsor would be the clearly superior scientific team among the bidders. Given that a major component of the proposal was the creation of the project office, a partner was needed that could bring the same superior project expertise to the proposal and solution.

Triad’s Solution:
Triad brought unparalleled NSF project management expertise to the team, including references from some of NSF’s largest and most successful projects. A structured project approach was proposed that would support the highly complex scientific and technological infrastructure that was proposed.

Project Awarded