RedBlack Communications Division
RedBlack Communications
BCF Solutions, Inc., RedBlack Communications Division provides engineering design, fabrication, installation, and test services for various fixed and mobile C4ISR applications. Our experience gained working directly with Government Agencies and commercial contractors’ offers superior productivity to BCF’s clients. With a core group of engineers and managers plus over 17,000 sq. ft of convertible bays and test area, BCF’s RedBlack Communications Division offers a cohesive capacity to satisfy every client’s needs. They offer a broad range of technical experience including line of sight radio systems, secure networks, audio visual systems, and satellite communication.

Engineering and Systems Engineering
• Requirements definition
• Developing designs
• Developing system testing
• Implementing plans, procedure and execution for programs and projects

• NAVAIR Special Communication Requirements Division
• Immigration and Customs
• Enforcement (ICE)
• Department of State
• National Security Agency (NSA)
• U.S. Special Operations Command
• U.S. Air Force
• U.S. Marine Corps
• U.S. National Guard

Deliverable Products
• Requirement Documents
• Design Briefs
• Level II and Level III drawing package
• Test plans and procedures
• Assembly/Integration procedures
• First article/prototype construction
• Acceptance testing support
• Systems integration support

Systems Integration/Fabrication
Our electronic communications are scalable and customized to be integrated with a number of systems:
• Facility Systems
• Mobile Systems
• Portable Systems
• Transit Case Systems
• Single Equipment
• Single Component

• Commercial
• Communications and Electronics (C&E) Systems
• Mechanical Design and Engineering
• Information Technology (IT)
• Audio Visual (A/V) Systems
• Platform Packaging (modular, mobile, fixed site)
• Facility security, sensor, and surveillance system