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S4 Tech Products
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S4 Tech Products

S4 Tech Products
DOG BASE KIT Digital Observation Guard (DOG)

remote S4 Remote Covert Smart Sentinel
Surveillance of remote locations is a breeze with the Remote Covert Smart Sentinel (RCSS) from S4 Tech. The RCSS is a portable 12VDC interior/exterior covert surveillance system that utilizes multiple low-light NTSC cameras, IP video conversion, and motion detection to record all activity in a remote location of interest. The RCSS is positioned where… LEARN MORE
rtapid S4 Rapid IP-Based Modular Surveillance System (RIMSS)
Simple and rapid setup of IP based video surveillance has never been easier with the introduction of the RIMSS. RIMSS allows the installation of either a portable or permanent IP based video surveillance system using any NTSC compatible cameras (CCTV or IR), two way audio links, and remotely controlled contact closures (lights, illuminators, alarms) throughout a building, facility, campus, or military/commercial installation within hours. LEARN MORE
Rugged S4 Rugged Low Profile Pelco-D® Pan Tilt Zoom Unit
The S4 Tech Rugged Low Profile Pelco-D® Pan Tilt Zoom (RLPP-PTZ) unit is a high performance low-cost low-power option for OEM camera manufacturers and system integrators. The low profile unit provides two centered and balanced side mounts with up to 10lbs load capability. The RLPP-PTZ utilizes the Pelco-D® command protocol and the proprietary S4 Tech Video/Power/Data over CAT-5 distribution system. LEARN MORE
AVVIDS S4 Advanced Vehicle/Driver Identification System (AVIDS)
The Advanced Vehicle/Driver Identification System (AVIDS) is designed to support the entry point screening process by providing information about the people and vehicles coming through an entry point. LEARN MORE
longrange S4 Long Range Observation Kit (LROK)
The Long Range Observation Kit (LROK) from S4 Tech is a rapidly-deployable standalone long range surveillance kit. The LROK enables remote surveillance of personnel out to 5km in normal through low light conditions. LEARN MORE
customauto S4 Custom Automated Entry and Access Control Systems
S4 Tech provides customized systems, components, and services for Automated Entry Control. We can provide an entire multi-credential automated access control system that can run standalone or be integrated into existing facility infrastructure. S4 Tech can also provide subsystems, components, software, and engineering support. LEARN MORE
wireless S4 Wireless Remote Camera Kit
The High Performance Wireless Camera Kit from S4 Tech provides a rugged portable remote monitoring capability. The camera unit may be worn on the body of personnel or used in standalone mode with the included mounting hardware. The high performance wireless system allows a user to monitor activity inside a building from several hundred feet outside. LEARN MORE
Dig Analog Video Scrambler Analog Video Encryption – Scrambler Module
The S4 Tech Hybrid Analog/Digital Video Scrambler provides video scrambling to defend against the interception of video signals by non-authorized personnel. The hybrid analog/digital system digitally samples the live video stream and pseudo-randomly scrambles the video lines in the digital domain so that the image is obscured. The scrambled video information is converted back to analog and output as a standard NTSC signal. LEARN MORE