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Systems Engineering & Communications
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Systems Engineering & Communications

Systems Engineering & Communications Division

The configuration phase of fielding a mobile tactical communications system is a significant issue. Platform communications installations are increasingly complex, and consist of equipment that require significant configuration management planning.

BCF’s experience allows us to develop networks and networking threads that consider the capabilities and limitations of wireless tactical and commercial waveforms.

  • Engineering Support
  • System Integration / Fabrication

Markets and Potential Applications

  • Audio Visual (A/V) Systems
  • Commercial Industry
  • Communications and Electronics (C&E) Systems
  • Facility security, sensor, and surveillance system
  • Force protection and security
  • Housing associations
  • Information Technology (IT)
  • Mechanical Design and Engineering
  • Platform Packaging (modular, mobile, fixed site)
  • United States Civilian and Defense Agencies
  • United States Government approved foreign entities
  • United States Military

We Are Industry Experts

BCF delivers a balanced operation based on advanced technology and service professionals to keep you connected. BCF trains its personnel to surpass their goals in any situation. S4 Tech can support data distribution networks, telecommunications, video and more through both wired and wireless networks. Open Ratings certified S4 Tech as a Top 20% performer of 2009 based on the Past Performance Evaluation (PPE) survey responses of its referred customers. S4 Tech’s PPE score of 97/100 demonstrates outstanding overall customer satisfaction relative to similar companies each year.